Start Your Own Assembly

Would you like to have a Sunday Assembly in your town? Do you think that a regular meet up to sing songs, hear great talks and generally recharge the batteries sounds like a good thing? Great read on to find out how you can do it.

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1. Want To Start An Assembly? Then Express An Interest On Our Site.

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2. We Will Then Put You In Touch With Like Minded People In Your Area.

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3. Our Starter Pack, Online Training  And Support Will Help You Find Everything You Need.

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4.  We’ll Help You Launch Large! With Our Big Launch Day On September 27th.

We have come up with Sunday Assembly Everywhere, a framework that will allow you to have the great Sunday Assembly experience, while making sure that it always stays true to who we are.

This is who we are: The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrates life.  Our aim is to live better, help often and wonder more.  Our mission is to help everyone first discover and then achieve their full potential.  We meet because we know we are stronger together than on our own.

Sunday Assembly Everywhere will give the greatest amount of people the opportunity to have the fantastic Sunday Assembly experience, as soon as possible (so you can start having as much fun as we are).

We’ll provide you with videos, marketing support, and all the resources we can muster, while making sure you have the creative space needed to make it your own.  So, you can choose the songs, readings and speakers and, more importantly, start building a community.

Community is at the heart of The Sunday Assembly.  Assemblies are communities of action, building lives of purpose. In time, we want anywhere that can support one to have a full Sunday Assembly with a host, building and complete community outreach programme.

We’re not there yet but Sunday Assembly Everywhere allows us, and you, to start that journey. Find out more detail right here! 

We’d love for you to follow the guidelines. We’re sorry if these sound pernickety but it only takes one newspaper headline of ‘CHILD SACRIFICED AT SUNDAY ASSEMBLY’ to pee in the pool for everyone.

Is that all good? We hope so. Thanks for being interested!


Sanderson and Pippa x