How To Be A Successful Optimist. Principle No. 8

The final principle of successful optimists is easy to say and hard to do. It is simply this: try to kick out your cynicism. It’s hard to do because cynicism has become embedded in our society and is even held up as wisdom. But there is nothing wise, or even likeable about cynicism. Cynicism, in fact, […]

Volunteer Day Of Action – June 7th

It is with much excitement, and then a little more excitement, that we can announce our first Sunday Assembly  Volunteer Day of of Action on Saturday June 7th. Assemblies all over the world will be volunteering on service projects and community activities in their area, doing their bit to make life better for those around […]

Assemble! Conference Recap By Teodora Petranova

By Teodora Petranova, Sunday Assembly Oxford. London’s done it again! Not only has it given the world the newest form of positive group therapy, but now it has summoned the First Ever Sunday Assembly Conference of Wonder! And Oxford supported the buzz by sending an utterly international delegation: Jane is Chinese, Aska is Polish, and I am […]

Assemble! Conference Recap By Alysha Wood

Chopping Vegetables Is Fun! (And other lessons Assemble! has taught me.) By Alysha Wood, Sunday Assembly Crystal Palace. It’s Monday May 5th. I’m sat in a kitchen, chopping vegetables. I’m happy. Actually feeling happy chopping cucumber and carrots into sticks. All around the kitchen, people are doing various other forms of prep: pasta salading, burger mix […]

How To Be A Successful Optimist. Principle No. 4

Many people are convinced they are someone else. In fact all of us at some point or another have told ourselves that we’re not really the miserable, grumpy, cynical, obstructive or unreasonable person we appear to be it’s just that, right now, there are some extenuating circumstances. Your boss is a Nazi. You had a […]

How To Be A Successful Optimist. Principle No. 3

Parents often comment on the startling creativity of their children. Pablo Picasso famously remarked, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain one once we grow up.” I’ll go further. Every child is an artist, yes, but also a scientist, engineer and entrepreneur too. Young children benefit from not having suffered long […]

Heroes Needed!

Hello you, you’re looking great today. We’re super excited about the first Sunday Assembly General Meeting taking place on Sunday, alongside Assemblies happening in London, Brighton and New York. Sunday Assembly is growing super fast because of people like you. You’re helping us expand into every (inhabited) continent in the world. People like you are helping […]