A Celebratory (belated) Six Month Update

Just a quick note to say thank you SO MUCH for following The Sunday Assembly. You might be reading this because you come to the Assembly, you might be reading this because you’re starting an Assembly, you might just be curious or you might even be reading this because you are being forced to learn […]

Volunteering for Sunday Assembly – Why I do it.

This blog was written by the wonderful Roger Cawkwell after we were asked why we thought it ok to not pay musicians. FYI – No one gets paid at Sunday Assembly – it is entirely run on love and support and passion. Which is nice! As an atheist, one beginning to come out of near […]

Sunday Assembly Social – July 3rd!

Hey you guys! We had such a great time on June 2nd – we thought it would be great to all get together outside of our big meets. So we’re having a social on July 3rd. A Sunday Assembly Social! Pick out your frocks and your frock coats. Comb your beards – it’s a-chin-wag time. […]

Sunday Assembly Exeter – 16th June

We are very excited to announce the launch, on Sunday June 16th, of Sunday Assembly Exeter in the White Ensign Club. Come on down to sing great songs, hear inspiring talks, listen to interesting readings and, everyone’s favourite, have a cup of tea and slice of cake at the end. The theme of the first […]

Sunday Assembly London – 7th July – Stargazing

As the roasting summer days, give way to balmy summer nights (here’s hoping) what better time to stargaze? We have a top-notch astronomer coming to talk to us, Andrew Pontzen. You can read more about him at www.cosmocrunch.co.uk or watch this little video wot he made http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=77ZoF7Y1pNk#! And of course we will have the usual songs, […]

Make a Google Group for your local Assembly

The Sunday Assembly is at a bit of a bottleneck at the moment. There are literally hundreds of people who’ve got in touch who want to start their own AND we want them to start their own. We need to find a way for all the people who are contacting us, to be able to […]

Volunteer Meet Up – PART DEUX – May 28th

Hey helpful people who want to help people, a huge amount of work got started after the first meet up and it would be great if we could get together again to get even more happening. The areas we’ll be looking at: Social Activities Community Action Sunday Assembly Everywhere Impact Measurement Digital Operations Service If […]