Sunday Assembly, London – Sept 1st – ‘Go Team!’

After a lovely summer break, Sunday Assembly London starts again with the topic “Go Team!”. We’ll be talking about working together, trying your best and hopefully being your team. There’s going to be a fantastic sportsman talking, and lots of jolly songs and fun and tea! See you there, you beautiful squares. Oh, for those […]

25 Days Of Action. Day 2: Build The Team.

Most of the greatest stories ever told start off with a man on a mission turning a ragtag bunch of individuals into a fantastic team. Ocean’s 11, The Dirty Dozen, Armageddon and the New Testament all involve one crazy dude transforming the many into one. So, who will you need in your team in order […]

25 Days of Action. Day 1: Get Planning.

Hello, and welcome to the series 25 Days of Action. These 25 days will help get you from “I’d love to have a place to celebrate this one life we have” to “Oh my God! I’m singing Celebration by Kool and the Gang with wonderful people who have baked delicious cakes.”. The reason for the […]

Sunday Assembly NYC – BEGINNINGS – July 28th

The godless congregation that started in London in January, and is spreading across the world, hit the Big Apple on June 30th and now it’s going MONTHLY.  It’s for anyone who wants to LIVE BETTER, HELP OFTEN and WONDER MORE. The theme of the event is ‘Beginnings’ as it is a new beginning – a […]

The Next Steps – #40Dates

Hello Awesome Assembler, In October this year we are going on a roadshow called 40 Dates and 40 Nights (we made a video about it here) where we are going to help launch 40 Assemblies in 40 Nights, and we’re going to visit the places that want it the most. If you’re in an area […]

A Celebratory (belated) Six Month Update

Just a quick note to say thank you SO MUCH for following The Sunday Assembly. You might be reading this because you come to the Assembly, you might be reading this because you’re starting an Assembly, you might just be curious or you might even be reading this because you are being forced to learn […]