Get Involved

The Sunday Assembly exists for people who want to Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More. Our mission: to help everyone live life as fully as possible. We love building the Sunday Assembly and we want as many people as possible to have their own Assembly as soon as possible.

There are already 65 Sunday Assembly chapters across the world and that is down to you. We’re a small team so rely on the awesome power of volunteers to keep this amazing movement moving!

There’s a ton of ways of getting involved, here’s just a few:

Assembly Organisers- join or start one up!
We’re always looking for new people to get involved with organising. We need producers, people to make the tea, people to co-ordinate local volunteering, musicians.., you name it! Check out if there’s an assembly near you, or it not, join the groups to help start one up!

Digital Welcomers
We have people coming to the Sunday Assembly website every week, signing up to start Assemblies. We want to train a team of Digital Welcomers to say hi and help them along the way from enquirers to awesome local teams building warm and vibrant communities. You can find out more about what this entails here. And if you’re interested, click here to apply!

Sunday Assembly Organisation
We’re experiencing crazy growth and, suddenly, have to build an entire infrastructure. It is really exciting. And really overwhelming. Do you have a skill you could donate to us? That would be wonderful. Complete this form, and we’ll be in touch.

If you are in the US you can donate to Sunday Assembly in America, Inc. is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation and is in the process of applying for federal tax exemption as an Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) public charity. Thank you so much.