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    Carol, Mark,

    It was a pleasure meeting you today. I’m also pleased and excited by the simple fact that we have our next meeting on Tuesday 15/09 at 6PM at the Britannia. I will send you separately an email with many different people and groups that I have found in Guildford and region. They seem to be a good source of inspiration or potential contacts.

    Jacqueline, we gladly accept your assistance. We are three for now and would like to recruit other founders. Can you please connect us with the persons who registered on Eventbrite in Godalming, Farnham and Woking areas? Keeping this idea in mind, we also would like to know if we can start communicating and use the SA logo (before we formally apply to launch). What materials (such as leaflets, brochures or flyers, etc…) can you share with us? What “communication campaign” formats would be best appropriate for a small group like ours? In other words what did the other groups successfully use?

    Erin, given the early stage in which we are, we need founders and members. In such circumstances I also think that it is more convenient if we can all meet and discuss in person. Do you think you could make the trip to Guildford? Worst scenario: I think that the Britannia has free wifi. Let’s discuss about this.

    Thank you all. Sebastien

    • Sadly, it would be cost prohibitive for me to get back and forth to Guildford frequently. I am happy to help from afar, if possible, so please do keep me in the loop.