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    Hi, I’m Ron in Fargo, ND. Don’t worry, the original wood chipper is safely stored at the Chamber of Commerce museum for tourists to get their photo taken, so it won’t be used at any future Assembly [inside joke, for Fargoans and movie buffs]. But I have initiated the process of starting SA here. Our first organizing meeting had a broad array of members from our many non-religious groups here. I’ve sent an email to our closest SA in the Twin Cities, but want to network with anyone nearby.

    • Nice! Thanks for sharing Ron! I’d recommend starting a new group for Fargo here: that way anyone coming through our enquiry system will know that there’s some activity started up there- and we can send any enquiries your way too. How many people came along to the first meeting? Give us a shout if we can help out with anything! Jacqueline

      • We had 12 folks come, just last Sunday! We had old school Unitarians, students at the local colleges, and new school atheists in their 20’s. I’m very challenged by this, and hope I get some help. Summer will be a dead time, but I want to get a smoup or two going. I want one for kids, I got a 6 year old, and maybe a charity one that the student organizer is interested in. We’ll see. Mark just sent me a link, which I will peruse later. thanks!

        • 12 people- that’s awesome! Sounds like you have a great basis for starting up an assembly. Did you talk about the different things you could do to get started up? The correct link for the above groups section is here:

          • Another meeting was set up. It was a good first start, but this meeting had to deal with certain concerns. Many old guard secular humanists in the UU Church feel there is no need for the SA. Many younger atheists won’t go to UU, and are leery of an SA that may smack of a Church, or be held in a church. (UU offered its space). But I think we can move forward.