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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Christoph, I am 27 years old, mathematician and temporary pensioner (“Rentner auf Zeit”). I live in Munich and am currently studying philosophy.

    So, my head is full of ‘spiritual thoughts’ of course; but I have close to nobody to share them with. – My fellow students are much younger of course, and (near to) none of them seems to be in the same need for some kind of atheistic/agnostic community, which nonetheles is concerned with spiritual and ethical questions as I am.

    So – accordingly – I was excited to discover the Sunday Assembly movement in the Internet, but disappointed in equal measure when I found out that currently none is taking place in Munich.

    Like Steffen, I cannot share big amounts of time. For my part though, this is not due to my children (I do not have any), but to my therapies: : I’ve got MS, which also needs a lot of care…

    Nevertheless I could principially participate with some philosophical input (speech, workshop). For example, I have Nietzsches story “Der tolle Mensch” in mind, where his mad (?) protagonist exclaims the famous words: “Gott ist totd! Er bleibt todt! Und wir haben ihn get√∂dtet!” (God is dead!, He stays dead! And it’s ourselves who killled him!”)

    I guess the Sunday Assemblies could be a place where people meet who all share the ‘madness’ (i.e. the despair) of the screaming guy. What Nietzsche tries to say here, I think, is that with the loss of God we also lost our orientation in the world.

    However, the story does not offer an solution. Nietzsche wants to say, I think, everyone of us has to find one on her/his own.
    In an early poem he expresses the dispair to be alone on this search:

    Maybe some ” live better, help often, wonder more” together with other like-minded people could have helped poor, ol’ Nietzsche? (That poor, ol’ anti-moralist, anti-feminist Nietzsche, that he would turn to in later years.)

    With Steffen I can assure: “I I will follow every step and support you where I can.”
    Whether you are just some visitor, or a (potential) organisator: Don’t hesitate to contact me!

    Kind regards,