• Mandy posted an update in the group Group logo of Dallas, TXDallas, TX 4 years, 1 month ago

    Ok, well I say we do it and whoever shows up, shows up. We have to start somewhere, right? When: June 28, 11 am. Where: Area just north of LBJ. @bmwill1983, do you feel comfortable helping choose a venue since you live in that area?

    • Works for me. Let me know where to be and I will be there. 🙂

    • Yay!

    • Chris replied 4 years ago

      I don’t think I’ll be back in town by then, but if I am, I’ll come by. Is there a location set yet?

    • CJ replied 4 years ago

      How about right at the end of LBJ? There’s a Starbucks and a Cracker Barrel next to Grapevine Mills. More east there’s an IHOP on Beltline between Marsh and Midway.

    • Mandy replied 4 years ago

      I vote for the IHOP!

    • Scott replied 4 years ago

      I just found this group and this thread, but I’d like to try to come. That IHOP is fairly close to me. Are complete newbies welcome?

    • CJ replied 4 years ago

      Due to an unforeseen family circumstance I have a couple of kids looking at me with goo goo eyes and telling me that if I don’t take them to see Inside Out tomorrow at 12:30 they can’t go. Would it be possible to meet at 10:00 instead of 11:00? You can all harangue me unmercifully if you would like. I deserve it.

    • Mandy replied 4 years ago

      Hey there everone. It’s ok with me to meet at 10. So @elizabethdavey, @bmwill1983, @splodie, @cdunning, @mahifish I hope to see you all at the IHOP on Beltline between Marsh and Midway at 10 am tomorrow!

    • Unfortunately it looks like I’m not going to make it to this meeting after all. 🙁 But I will be with you in thought and spirit and definitely try for the next meeting. Please let me know how it goes.

      @Scott, this is our first meeting, so we are all newbies! I hope you do show up.