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    • Hi, I’m interested in community, family, friends, and giving back. I’m from North Dallas and never been religious, which has, unfortunately, made me feel like I don’t have a community to relate to. I have recently moved back “home” after living abroad for over 9 years so I am unfamiliar with the local agnostic groups in town, but Sunday Assembly sounds inspirational and I would love to help organize any future events. Please let me know what I can do to help!

      • Thanks for sharing Mandy! @noel and @splodie – would you like to do a little intro to yourselves too?

        • I just realised I missed off @yogaclubdfw on that list above too- Alex, what is it that interests you about Sunday Assembly? 🙂

          • Simply: I like the idea. A community that is not reliant upon intangibles but rather just on community. Seems pretty positive and inclusive to me.

        • I’m CJ from Lewisville. Essentially a native to the Metroplex – a friend once called me a naturalized Texan. I come from a large family, been married 25 years, two children,one grandchild who isn’t spoiled rotten at all. I am interested in a gathering of people who are not patronizing, who do not browbeat others for their beliefs but rather who focus on what is good about us as people regardless of our belief or lack of. Positivity instead of persecution.