• John Gerrard Holland posted an update in the group Group logo of MunichMunich 3 years, 8 months ago

    Dear all,

    How many people do we actually need to turn up, to make this worthwhile? How many people showed interest in May? Was there a preference for holding the event in English or German amongst those who did express some interest?

    You can have quite a good time with (say) 7 people, as long as you’ve someone who can sing, someone who can play a musical instrument which does chords, someone different to give a talk each time, and someone to run the show. Everyone who turns up can bring some coffee/tea/biscuits. It might work, and it might grow. Does anyone have something interesting to give a talk on? Can anyone sing and play the guitar?

    We could just meet and try it out one Sunday. There’s bound to be loads of information which the organisation will provide, but with a really small group it’s probably okay to play fast and loose with the structure, at least at the start…