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Hi to all! I’m Justin and I really like to travel a lot. Also I’m a student and currently work as a writer in students help service. I know that a lot of young people don’t like writing at all and for them it’s muss easier to pay someone to write my paper cheap or ask for help. But I like writing, it’s my passion that’s why I choose this profession. As we jbow Each person has different kinds of traits and ways of life. All people vary in putting up their personalities, experiencing their lives, fulfilling their duties acting toward various situations and dealing with their problems and challenges because of things and people with whom they come into contact in their daily lives.

Now that, they are in possession of distinct sorts of lifestyle they also have different techniques of learning. However, individuals act according to their own learning ways there are some certain approaches to taking in information and basic abilities during process of education which are accepted universally such as behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism etc. First of all, behaviorism consist of concepts like people’s manner are schemed or planned in advance rather than by chance and there is a plan in all living and nonliving things’ process of life.There are some psychologists and scientists who are in favor of this learning theory.

B. Watson was the most significant founder of this type of theory. Watson backed up the idea of that human behaviors are resulted from interaction between stimuli and response. In addition, he grounded his claim on Russian psychologist Ivan Parlov ‘ experiment. The experiment is about a dog. Ivan Parlov gave food to dog at same time everyday. After a while, he found out that when food time approach, the dog start to salivated. Ivan Pavlov drew a conclusion from this experiment. The deduction was that all learning procedures are associated with stimulus-response model.