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    Hi All,
    I’m James – I thought I would introduce myself first……. As Jacqueline mentioned I have been involved in London SA since shortly after it began, mainly welcoming people at the front door. I love the London Assembly so don’t want to step away from this……
    However, I am also super keen to forge some links in St Albans as I have lived here for some years but do the commuter thing into London most days. I have a bit of experience helping run London as the ‘Producer’ on the odd occasion (Front of house rather than the content of the show) and am more than happy to bring this to the table in helping organise St A SA.
    I have filled out the doodle poll. As ever it is just my capacity to find the time rather than my enthusiasm that is the constraint here.
    Main thoughts I have had so far are that:
    a) we do not clash with London as some people like me may do both, so 2nd or 4th Sunday sounds good on a similar model with crossed congregations like Crystal Palace.
    b) I was thinking the Trestle theatre may be an ideal type of location, although being in Highfield Park (super convenient for me btw) , it may be a bit far out of town.
    I am going to London SA on Sunday 7th May, just ask for James Baker and someone will be able to point me out.
    I look forward to meeting you soon.

    • Nice one 😉
      Do you go by train to London or drive – if train could travel together?
      Haven’t even considered venue yet!
      Trestle is great but as you say non central………

    • I sometimes go by train, or go by car if weather is a bit iffy or I am helping set up . Taking the bike on the train is a favourite thing of mine at the weekend too. I don’t know if I am helping this Sunday but could get a train with you, although I like to get there at for about 10 am especially if I am helping. My number is 07743 827 935 so could arrange a time to meet nearer Sunday.

    • Tx James I’ll text you so you’ve got my number… issues about time….;-)
      I was at Conway Hall a few weeks ago with Zeitgeist Movement so comfortable making my own way there…..!

    • Hi Ivor, My plan is to get the train from St Albans at 9:15 so meet you at St Albans Station ticket queue at 9:10? Thameslink is only going to St Pancras on Sunday so we’ll need to get the tube to Holborn, so I won’t bother with my bike. I’ll be helping with welcoming people on Sunday and by all means help out with that or nose around and see how it all all comes together with last minute prep 🙂

    • perfect James tx 😉