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    Hi, I am part of the team that run The Boileroom, music venue. We are very keen to set up a group. The venue is free for community use, and we have great acoustics! I noticed you are meeting at The Brit tonight, i have a meeting at the venue at 6.30pm, but could i send down another member of the team if they are available? Or you are all welcome to meet here, we have wifi!

    • Hi Dom
      Fantastic to hear from you. I had in my mind that the Boiler Room would be the ideal location for the Sunday Assembly. This evening is just our second meeting and so far there are just the three of us but we are looking for more people who want to get involved with helping to set the Assembly up. If you do have someone available to come down that would be great otherwise we can catch up later.

    • Brill, my colleague Lydia will pop down at 6pm. We have another meeting at The Boileroom at 6.40pm, so it’l be a quick intro this time if that’s cool? To give you an idea i’m fairy confident if we put this out to the public we’d get 10- 20 attending.

    • Could i get an idea of how Lydia will be able to identify you?!

    • Tricky one, I tried uploading my photo on to this site but it didn’t work. I’m wearing a black dress with flowers on, black boots and have short blondish hair and will be with 2 men – Mark and Sebastien, won’t try and describe them as well.

    • Hey guys- just wanted to send you good SA vibes for your meeting tonight! Hope it goes well 🙂