At the Sunday Assembly, we want the relationships you create in the real world to seamlessly transfer into the digital world too. So to make sure that you’re all connected up we created a whole new digital platform, the Sunday Assembly Network (or SAN).  The SAN is made up of three elements, designed to support real communities in a digital world :


Community is all about people, so that’s where we started focusing our platform.

Our whole network is built around the every day action heroes that, just like you, decided to give this whole assembly thing a bit of whirl. We’ve hooked you in to all the hipster social networks, made it easy to find the coolest events on the planet and find your friends in a snap.

Check out the directory to find the people you already know, and maybe some you don’t!

Groups & Smoups

Groups and Smoups are the heart of the Sunday Assembly Network

Groups and their smaller cousins, Smoups are the heart of the Sunday Assembly Network.

Groups are a way of connecting with people with whom you share a common interest.  There are international, national and individual congregation groups, as well as smaller interest groups (Smoups!) such as the philosophy and book reading clubs.

Why not browse our groups and see what interests we share?

Community Sites

Every congregation needs a way to build and connect with their local community.

We’ve given every congregation their own web site to share their knowledge, insights, thoughts and events with the members of their local community.

Take a quick stroll through network or find the assembly that’s nearest to you.