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Sunday Assembly Southend (or SAS)

After trawling the internet for potential venues we found nearly 100 places of worship in Southend. We were struck by two things. Firstly, Southend has a proud Christian tradition; made clear by the sheer number of churches that were built by the Victorians and Edwardians. Secondly, it was evident that many of these places had […]

Notes on Transparency and Structure.

At The Sunday Assembly we take great pains to try to make the right decisions, obviously. However, seeing as there is a lot of interest in us (hello, media!), and the unsavoury reputation of many congregational movements (thanks for nothing, L Ron Hubbard!), we not only have to make the right decisions, but we should […]

A post from Exeter

This is the first in a series of posts from Sunday Assemblers across the world, writing about why they want to start an Assembly. —————————————————– Hey guys! We’re the Sunday Assembly Exeter group, and we’re looking for anyone in the South West who wants to live better, help often, or wonder more to get in […]