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Volunteer Day Of Action – June 7th

It is with much excitement, and then a little more excitement, that we can announce our first Sunday Assembly  Volunteer Day of of Action on Saturday June 7th. Assemblies all over the world will be volunteering on service projects and community activities in their area, doing their bit to make life better for those around […]

New Sunday Assembly Sites

Hey there! Must say, you look particularly sharp today. This is just a little note to let you know that The Sunday Assembly local sites have moved. You can now find your Assembly at So, without further adod, here are the links to the new websites for: Bristol,UK New York,US Melbourne,AU London,UK Brighton,UK We […]

The Sunday Assembly Forums Are Back

Forums are open again. We’ve added signup and login forms to all forum pages in the right hand sidebar so just get going! Sign Up: Login: Main forum page: We shut these down last year because they were just getting full of spam (unless it was you guys who just wanted to post about shoe […]

HELP WANTED: Want to change the world?

In just one year the Sunday Assembly went from a monthly get-together in London, to a worldwide movement spanning countries and continents. We are now a community of  communities, a congregation of congregations, and it has been done almost 100% with the work of volunteers. First up: thanks to EVERYONE who has made this happen. […]

2014: The Start of a Plan

Hi everyone, And happy Friday. Hope you’re grand. We’re all good. 300 people have enquired about starting Assemblies in the past three days so….. 2014 should be interesting. This Wednesday was the Sunday Assembly Board of Advisors meeting, where one of the key things we discussed was coming up with a plan for 2014, and […]