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My First Funeral.

On Tuesday last week a long held dream of mine came true when I buried someone in the ground. You might think my dream morbid but not I, for I am Sanderson “Lover of Death” Jones. I would even pick a fight with you about our use of the word ‘morbid’ and ask why does […]

How To Sum Up A Conference Called Wonder?

From the evening of Thursday 28th May to the afternoon of Sunday 1st June I was in Atlanta at A Conference Called Wonder. It was the second annual Sunday Assembly Conference with 150 Sunday Assembly organisers, participants and fans all thinking and dreaming and plotting and scheming about our wonderful movement. And now I’ve got […]

Knowing We Must Die, How Then Shall We Live?

Another blogpost from the excellent Casper Ter Kuile: As part of my education to become a minister for non-religious people, I’ll work in a hospital as a chaplain for three months. It’s the part of my training I’m both most excited and nervous about.  Chaplains can be called into all sorts of situations – an […]

We have a Podcast! Please listen to it.

The Sunday Assembly has a podcast. Sound the trumpets! Drop the beat! Tickle your neighbour! Or do whatever you want to celebrate this great news. The podcast is super fun and comes out once every two weeks (or so). The only way it could be improved is if YOU listened to it (there are probably […]

3 Weeks Until #AssemblyEverywhere

It is only 3 weeks until Assemblies are going to launch all over the world. 3 weeks until new congregations and new communities . What? That is crazy. I am sure there are tons of things that you are going through your head and  we thought we’d help by giving you some top tips of […]

1 Month Till New Launches: #AssembleEverywhere

September 28th is going to be a big day because, across the world, there will be new Assemblies launching. We don’t yet know exactly how many are going to launch, we do know that thousands of people will be coming together to celebrate being alive. Thousands of people, who didn’t know each other before, coming […]

Sunday Assembly is Hiring a Chief Operating Officer

The Sunday Assembly is an international not-for-profit that helps people start and run their own godless congregations. Our motto: Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More. Our mission: to help everyone find and fulfil their full potential. Since starting in London in January 2013 we have helped 27 communities start their own Assemblies, and we’re […]

Our Social Impact Journey: Part 1

There are so many fun things about the Sunday Assembly that it always seems odd to pick out just one (and I’ll be talking about our mission in this post), when I could talk about our values, or our methods, or our people. Imagine how great it is to work at an organization that helps […]