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Sunday Assembly is Hiring Not One But Two New People

Guys and Girls and People! We always get super-excited at Sunday Assembly when we get to hire someone new to work for this wonderful movement. So it is a very special day indeed when we get to announce that we are looking to recruit not one but two great new people to two amazing positions […]

Choosing A Story To Believe In

Part of a series of blogposts on secular community by the excellent Casper Ter Kuile – thanks Casper! One of the things I’ve always slightly envied about my Muslim, Jewish and Christian classmates in Divinity School is the fact that they have a holy text. A book to which they can turn for learning, reflection […]

An Open Letter To Housing Association Residents

Hi there! How are you? I am really glad that you are reading this open letter (though it’s not really a letter it’s a blogpost but calling it an ‘open blogpost’ makes very little sense), but I will be even happier if you are reading it AND you are a tenant in a Housing Association […]

Personal Practice Is The Backbone of Community

Every morning I creep out of bed and sit down on a cushion in our coat closet. It’s the only place in the house where I can guarantee 15 minutes of uninterrupted quiet – even if I’m surrounded by muddy boots. I close my eyes and spend the next quarter of an hour having my […]

Sunday Assembly and Social Impact Part 2

This afternoon I got a little upset. The wonderful Adam Lee wrote a great article in the Guardian about how atheist groups should do more about helping others and I though, yes, that is a good point. What upset me was this tweet: I thought: What? Our mission is to build a world where everyone […]

Let’s Build Secular Communities Together!

Last Sunday we had a special Family Sunday Assembly, and I told a story about my mother. I felt quite guilty about it because it meant having to speak about childhood bereavement to a front row of five year old girls in princess outfits (I think I just lost any children’s party bookings). But it […]

True Belonging: Families In Community

True community is always intergenerational. When I walk into a gathering where there are children running around and old people smiling knowingly, I’m immediately put at ease. In community, we see the fullness of life. We remember our own childhood and get a glimpse of life to come, as we grow old. So often, new […]

Amazing Deal On Conference Tickets For Those Outside North America

We’ve got some awesome news about A Conference Called Wonder, The Sunday Assembly Annual Conference (May 29th-May 31st), which we think you’ll love. It is amazing that it is in the US where we have so many brilliant chapters, but we want as many people from outside North America there as possible. It’s not that we don’t like […]

People That Sing Together….

We’d like to introduce a new voice onto the Sunday Assembly site – Casper ter Kuile. Casper will be writing a series of posts for us in the run up to A Conference Called Wonder (tickets here btw) each one exploring a different aspect of secular community building. The series kicks off with his thoughts on the importance […]

A Conference Called Wonder: Sunday Assembly Conference 2015

A Conference Called Wonder (the Sunday Assembly’s Annual Conference) will explode into Atlanta from May 29th to May 31st this year and… are on sale now. Anyone who went to last year’s conference will tell you the event is beyond amazing. Prepare to be bathed in positive vibes, inspired by incredible people and motivated to go out and make a difference in […]